Causes of vaginal smell before period

Vaginal odor before period is a common problem that affects many women and it sulkily cause embarrassment especially during times of intimacy.

Although it is actually not possible to prevent vagina smell before period, its presence can be tacked because it may indicate that there are other health related issues that you are suffering from.

A research that was conducted by the American college of obstetrics and gynecology revealed that vaginal odor is normal but if it persist then it is actually an indication of a larger health issue.

adult-19033_640Causes of vagina smell before period

Causes of vaginal odor before period can be as a result of sunder of factors.

They include:

  1. Vaginal infections.

One of the main causes of vaginal infection before period is vaginal infections.

Vaginal infection may occur as a result of bacterial infection or overgrowth of yeast.

Vaginal infection that result to smelly odor is usually accompanied by itching, pain and burning.

  1. Poor hygiene

Women who don’t observe property hygiene are more likely to have vaginal smell before period than those who observe proper hygiene.

Infrequent bathing, cleaning of the inner cloths as well as not shaving public hair can also result to smell vagina.

Poor hygiene usually create conducive environment for bacteria and yeast to thrive which can cause vaginal odor.

  1. Hormonal changestime-273857_640

Allergic reaction around the vagina can also cause vaginal odor. Some women are usually allergic especially when they are about to get their period.

Allergic reactions can also as a result of sanitary pads, certain textile in the underwear as well as body lotions and soaps that are applied around the vagina.

Hormonal changes can result to inflammation which may lead to vaginal discharge with smelly odor

  1. Unprotected sex with a new partner.

Having unprotected sex with a new partner before you start your period can also cause smelly vaginal discharge.

Having unprotected sex with a new partner can cause sexually transmitted disease that can cause infection which can result to smelly vaginal discharge.

  1. beauty-743371_640New medication

Taking new medication can cause hormonal changes can cause vaginal secretions that can result to sudden smelly odor.

In conclusion, it is very important to note that smelly vaginal discharge is normal.

However, if it persist for long, then that can be an indication that you have other health issues.

In addition to that, if smell discharge result to pain, itching and inflammation, it is important to seek medication attention immediately.

Property hygiene can help reduce or eliminate vaginal smell.