Enlarging Your Penis Naturally

When it comes to bedroom matters, many people will tell you that size does not matter. However, if you get a chance to listen to private girl talk, you will realize that indeed size does matter. It is not once or twice that couples have separated or even divorced, and the reason that the woman gives is that the man does not satisfy in bed. This is sometimes attributable to having a small dick.

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Unfortunately, many men do not know that there are DIY techniques that they can use to make the penis grow longer and bigger in girth. In case you want to learn how to make your penis bigger, the following tips will greatly help.

Eat natural penis enlargement foods

Some foods have been medically proven to help increase the size of your penis.

  • Dark chocolate: it is true men are not into eating sweet foods, but dark chocolate has been proven to not only increase a man’s sex drive but also helps increase blood circulation that is essential to muscle enlargement including your penis.
  • Eat Bananas: Bananas have been used on many occasions to represent the penis. However, what many people do not know is that bananas help to improve your heart’s condition. When this happens, it becomes easier to have easy erections that help grow the length and girth of your penis. Other foods include onions and Gingko Biloba.

Use penis enlargement pumps

Penis enlargement pumps work by causing a suction feeling of your penis and thus draws blood from other areas of your body into your penis. This allows you to have a larger penis for around 30 minutes. However, this is a temporary solution as after the thirty minutes the blood will start flowing back to other body parts.

Use jelqing exercises

Jelqing is a similar process to milking a cow. This exercise lets the man hold his penis from the base and squeeze it carefully towards the head of the penis. Daily jelqing exercises will increase blood flow to your penis allowing it to grow longer with time.

Use of Kegel Exercises

SdqefEDFqxAKegel exercises are important to men in the same way they are important to women. By practicing how to control your pee, you can easily locate your PC muscle. After locating the muscle, you should try to contract the PC muscle daily for about 30 times. This will help increase the length and girth of your penis as well as help you treat/minimize instances of premature ejaculation.

For long lasting results, you need to do everything in the right way. As such, you should look at expert advice on how to make your penis bigger. This way, you will be doing what has been tried before and proven to work.