How to increase pleasure during intercourse

How to increase pleasure during intercourse

Human beings strive to achieve the best out of everything, including the pursuit of pleasure. Pleasure of the mind and pleasure of the senses could be heightened by the act of making love. Intercourse is the endeavor taken to pleasure the mind, body, and soul. Just to achieve it is not enough for us human beings. Why just achieve it when we can increase it to the climax? There is always room for improvement in the art of pleasure. Even Cassanova himself would want to amp things up while he can.

Set the scene

Bring on the rose petals and champagne. Turn on that asd12sensual music. Dim those lights. Setting the scene is a really good first step to having a great night. It is a way to stimulate her imagination and set her mood. Not a romantic type? Try setting her scene with some wordplay. Stimulate her brain to get her in the mood. A little dirty talk could go a long way. Massages are great to start things off as well. It helps your muscles relax, and a little skin-to-skin action might rev up the level of intimacy.

Just keep learning

In the pursuit of pleasure, there are always new things to learn. Not all moves or positions are for everyone. Use your available resources to expand your horizons. Read up articles, watch some porn for educational purposes. Perhaps going through the Kamasutra won’t hurt. Hands-on learning is a great way to learn. But the best resource would probably be your partner. Listen to their groans and moans, find out the best spots to touch, and moves to make.

Try something new

There are always more ways to spice things up in the bedroom. Experiment more and try new moves. Take your imagination to the next level, explore your kinks, take the activity to a new venue, and try using delicate props. Yes, props are not for everyone. But it could heighten the satisfaction and the experience. Brad Reviews – male enhancement pills is another way to satisfy your woman. Enhance the penis to enhance the pleasure.

Give and take

Having intercourse is a two-way street. You wouldn’t want to leave your partner hanging while you’re done. The feeling of satisfaction has to be felt by both parties. Listen to your partner’s needs so you can both heighten your sense of pleasure. Be considerate to what they want and ask them to do the same.