Questions To Ask When Buying Your First Sex Toy

Questions To Ask When Buying Your First Sex Toy

The decision to buy your first sex toy can be fascinating. However, the thrill and anxiety that comes with buying can turn out to be overwhelming looking at the models out there. With thousands of brands, designs, and features, buying the right sex toy is a product of a series of considerations. To avoid buying a sex toy you never needed, here are some five questions that will lead you to the perfect fit.

What kind of organism do you want?

There are different types of orgasms. Since ASdASaSDcAmanufacturers are well aware of this fact, various types of sex toys can give you different sensations. For instance, if you are looking for a G-spot orgasm, a vibrator can give you the feeling you have always craved for. In as much as vibrators are specially made for clitoral orgasms, others have a dual function known as rabbit vibrators.

Dildos are the other type of sex toy that offers clitoral stimulation. They resemble a penis, which makes them provide a penetrative sensation. Unlike vibrators, some dildos are not powered, which implies that you can exercise some control on the magnitude of penetration.

Are the materials safe?

Safety of the material used is of utmost importance when shopping for a sex toy. As such, you should ascertain that the material is made from a nonporous and body safe material. As a precautionary measure, avoid buying toys made from cheap plastics as they can lead to irritation or severe burning of those intimate areas.

What Kind of lube can I use?

Ideally, the lube used depends on the material of the sex toy. In most instances, using a water based lube is safe for all sex toys. Oils and silicon based lubes can wear certain sex toys. As such, you should be sure to choose an appropriate lube for the toy you are using.

asdcAASxcASHow can I take care of my sex toy?

Ideally, adult sex toys need to be taken care off. As such, you need to know how to clean and sterilize these toys. The cleaning method used depends on the type of material, Some materials need regular detergents to clean while others might require special sex toy cleaners.

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