Tips On Finding the Best Sex Toys in the Market

Tips On Finding the Best Sex Toys in the Market

Finding the best sex toys in the market is not as easy as it is presumed to be. This is especially if you are new to the use of these toys and therefore have little or no experience in choosing the best toys. When shopping for sex toys, there are several considerations you need to make. This is so that you only purchase a top quality toy that will be exceptionally useful and beneficial to your sex life. You can learn more at vorgasms blog. These considerations include:


There are mainlytg23werdfyu23w7eu2 two types of materials used in making sex toys: silicone and glass. Silicone toys are the most popular sex toys predominantly because silicone is uniquely flexibility. This makes silicone easily adaptable to body conditions such as temperature. Silicone sex toys come in different styles ranging from simple designs to complex ones like curved and bumpy designs. A fascinating thing about silicone sex toys is that they are non-porous, hypo-allergenic and are easy to clean as well as disinfect.

Glass sex toys are firm and are exclusively durable. For vibrators and dildos, it is advisable to opt for glass toys as they are harder than silicone toys. As such, they (glass toys) provide intense vibrations which in turn create amazing stimulations. Ideally, the choice of the best material of sex toy to settle for is a personal choice that is mostly influenced by individual preferences and tastes.


While the appearance of a sex toy may have little impact on the functionality of the toy, it is advisable to settle on a nice-looking sex toy. This is because the appearance of the toy influences how you feel about the toy and this may enhance your preference on the stimulation delivered by the toy. Toys with iconic appearances such as those with curved shapes make it easy to stimulate your G-spot for the best orgasm.


There are several reasons why you should always settle for top brand sex toys. For starters, top brands are finely designed and developed with utmost concern for their user’s safety. In addition to this, these toys are manufactured uniquely such that they exhibit excellent performance throughout their life. What is more amazing about these toys is that they come with variable features that make it easy to vary the type of stimulation you get from the toys.

Shop online

The internet t2wgedfc6y2e87has become the go-to-place for all your supplies and services including sex toys and other related items. Shopping for sex toys online not only makes it possible for you to save a great deal of money but also enables you to choose the best sex toys on the market from a large collection of these toys. Typically, sex toys purchased from online stores are considerable cheaper and affordable than those sold in physical stores.

Always ensure that your preferred best sex toys on the market are specially built for the stimulation and satisfaction you are looking for. This requires you to know your sexual anatomy so that it becomes easy for you to identify the stimulation that gives you the best sexual stimulation.

All About The Magic Wand Sex Toy

All About The Magic Wand Sex Toy

The popular Hitachi Magic Wand, also known as simply The Magic Wand, is probably the most iconic sex toy out there. It’s been introduced by the Japanese company Hitachi in the US, back in the 1960s, as a vibrating massager for relaxing sore muscles and relieving tension, but soon gained popularity a vibrator for women. The hitachi magic wand massager peaked it’s popularity back in 2002, after being featured in a Sex and the City episode.

All about magic wand sex toy

Studies Supporting the Magic Wand Sex Toy

fdgdfgdfgdfgfdgfdgThe wand often referred to as the Cadillac among vibrators, or as the Rolls-Royce of vibrators, has been the target of countless study research, many of them published in prestigious scientific journals like the Dermatology Online Journal, Experimental Brain Research, Journal of Perinatal & Neonatal Nursing and The Journal of Applied Physiology.

According to a study published one Journal in 1979, the Magic Wand is the best method for achieving orgasm. Another study, published in 2008 in the Scientific World Journal, found that more than 93% of 500 women suffering from chronic an orgasm, actually were able to reach orgasm using the Magic Wand.

The popularity of magic wand

On the other hand, fashion and lifestyle magazines have been continuously reporting on all about the Magic Wand sex toy their readers should know, for example in one occasion The Cosmopolitan stated that the Magic Wand is the vibrator most often to be suggested to patients by their sex therapists.

How to use it

The magic wand, even though extremely powerful, is easy to use with its very simple controls. It comes with two level of speeds, a low and a high speed that you can choose from. The low speed generates 5,000 vibrations/minute, while the higher speed has 6,000 vibrations/minute. Because of the very powerful vibration generation, this sex toy needs to be rested for 30 minutes after every 25 minutes of using.

Who should use it

dfgdfgfdgdfgdfgBecause the Magic Wand it’s a seriously powerful toy, some women find it to be too much to handle. It’s a toy most suitable for the experienced, and because of its high-intensity levels, it’s not recommended for beginners. If beginners do insist on using the Magic Wand, certain preparations and warming up are crucial.


The Magic Wand, the Cadillac among vibrators, is most popular and mostly targeted to women who experience a lot of difficulties reaching orgasm or have never had an orgasm before.